1) When can I expect to receive my order?

Answer: For 8x10s and smaller - 2-3 weeks
For 11x14s and larger - 4 weeks average

For Specialty Products - 4 to 6 weeks

  2) What if I do not remember my rafting outfitter's name?

Answer: Use the not sure button to view their web sites to jog your memory or call us and we will help.
- 1-800-754-9520

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  3) Are these photos shot digitally?

Answer: Yes.  Our rafting and special events are, anyway.  Because of our high volume and the need for quick internet processing, some of our photos are digital.  Our portraits and ski photos are still shot on film.  Digital files from rafting are for sale.  Digital files from events, like our negatives are not for sale.


  4) What camera and lab equipment do you use?

Answer: We use Canon 40D digital cameras for our whitewater rafting and Nikon F100 35mm for our ski photos.
Carl uses a Nikon F5 for most portraits, weddings and special event shoots.
Our photo lab equipment and paper and film are by Fuji.

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5) Do you sell smaller prints?

We can print 3 ½x5 and 4x6 prints but we charge the same price as a 5x7. Because it is different than our normal production size, it is actually more costly to produce. Call us if you need this service.


  6) What is the Action set? (Rafting Photos only)

The action set is our best value because you get the most photos for the best price and you can view the entire sequence as it happened. For $43.00 ($55.00 on CD) you get a 5x7 (or digital file) of each shot taken of your boat passing through the rapid. The beach portraits are not part of the action set nor can they substituted for an action shot. Beach shots are purchased seperately.

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